Muse launches CryptoKitties at Ethereum: Meet Marty and Mibbles

At the moment, the famous British band Muse is in the news, but not because of their music but because of the collaboration they have made with Ethereum to launch their own collectible cats. All this to promote their new album. Discover the details here.

Muse, together with Warner Music Group recently agreed a collaboration with the company in charge of developing CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs. In this way, they have decided to launch two digital collectible cats at Ethereum to promote the album and film-concert, Simulation Theory.

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CryptoKitties welcomes two digital kittens inspired by Muse
CryptoKitties is a game based on the ERC-721 non-expendable token standard, which quickly became popular when it was released on Ethereum. In it, users can acquire a unique cat in their existence and interact with them to increase their value; whenever their rarity increases. These collectible pieces can also be sold, reaching prices above USD 1000.

In this case Muse decided to take the opportunity to give its fans two interesting collectible products: Mibbles and Marty. These are the two digital cats created with inspiration from the Bitcoin Trader 80’s culture and some videos of Muse, especially from her last album.

For example, it has been revealed that Marty is a version of Matt Bellamy in the music video „Something Human“. It is also considered the most exclusive, since its offer is quite limited, with only 199 existing. These 199 pieces sold quite quickly, even though they were priced at $99.

On the other hand, Mibbles is inspired by the song „Pressure“ and has not yet been released. As described on the CryptoKitties website, Mibbles will cost $19 per unit.

Final comments

Thus, the company behind Muse is experimenting with this concept that is unfamiliar to many. It is expected to see what will happen with Mibbles, as it is the only Muse inspired CryptoKittie that will still be available for sale.

However, because of the same innovative concept, the acceptance is not 100% among the band’s fans. Many have expressed in social networks that they don’t even understand what they are trying to achieve with this. Meanwhile, the 199 who have already bought Marty are probably betting that its value will increase over time.