Meanwhile, Roger Ver criticizes (again) Bitcoin

There are those who rejoice in the almost unrivalled performance of Bitcoin (BTC) in recent days, and there are others. Roger Ver, the ardent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) defender, has chosen his side …

Roger Ver and Bitcoin (BTC): I love you too

Roger Ver is one of the most vocal figures in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community. He has already expressed several times his disdain for the cryptomoney from which his hard fork is made… Even when it skyrockets… Proof of this was given yesterday by a tweet from Roger Ver rather… Salty:

Roger Ver ironises on the delays of confirmation of the Bitcoin network (BTC), and on its high costs. He explains:

« I would have continued to promote the BTC if it had not been intentionally crippled. Today, any honest person should be embarrassed to promote something with such a bad user experience. »

Bitcoin, more than a currency?

If Roger Ver’s grumbles can make you smile in the middle of a Bitcoin bull run, they are still revealing. As the BTC approaches $20,000 again, and several analysts are raising the possibility of an increase to $300,000, the question of what Bitcoin is all about remains.

The world’s leading cryptomoney is now widely seen as an investment asset, and is regularly compared to gold. This summer it was reported that 61% of the Bitcoin in circulation had not been touched for at least a year. As a result, users tend to use the asset as a store of value rather than buying pizza or coffee.

Faced with this, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wants to be a useful currency, at least according to Roger Ver. But is this really the case? Its payment network can handle more transactions, thanks in particular to a much larger block size (32 Mb versus 1 Mb for Bitcoin). But in reality, these possible performances will only count if Bitcoin Cash is massively adopted, which is not the case at the moment.

Rather positive after hard fork for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Cash price has also benefited from the current bull run. After ousting its rival Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA), BCH was one of the biggest rises in a week, with +44%:

Over the year, assets increased by 69%. This puts an end to fears of a fall in prices following the hard forks experienced by Altcoin. Whether Roger Ver likes it or not, for the moment speculation reigns.